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Name of fashion designer: Lenka Poulová

Young fashion designer on the Slovak fashion scene since 2010.

In her work she specializes in the design of original and unique coats and accessories. As the primary material emerges and dominates genuine leather and furs produced in various colors, a possible surface treatment and printing. All models are solitary, skins are custom hand-made, painted and treated.

Leather as fascinating material, perfect in its imperfection, unique and always „in“. Leather does not age and remains forever trendy.

Leather coats by Lenka Poulová are always very feminine with regard to picking up womens curves, with attention to detail and at the same time with a touch of provocation. Integral part of her collections are always highly detailed models with elements of rebellion, punk / rock and historic military uniforms. In contrast, the
equally stylish models with the use of luxurious furs transports you to an era period of Czarist Russia.


Fashion collections consists of four typical parts of my work:

  1.  Punk-rock elegance

Main theme is based on punk-rock culture, but transformed into refined elegance with an emphasis on metal accessories (chains, zippers, rivets, metal buttons). Predominant color of this collection is "forever" black.

  1. Military

Important element inspired by military uniforms, historical tailcoats, where dominant is cut model, zipper coat, metal accessories and historical engraved metal coat buttons. That´s all of course incorporated into 21st century and trends of these daysJ

  1. Luxury

Main motive is based on simpler cut of coats due to the dominance of used unique leathers. Significant element of the collection is the use of exclusive calf leathers with laser hair treatment and different patterns of printing and engraving.

  1. Feminine

The collection concludes Last Part emphasizing femininity and refinement. Winter models using luxurious furs, that are the hallmark of exclusivity for centuries, in modern design.  Models  are supplemented by fur accessories.


The idea of leather coats designing originated in 2009, when I first proposed my own dream coat and since then, the creation of new models has become my passion. Leather has always fascinated me with its perfection in their imperfection. You will never find the same leather, it's unique material, always different and special. The leather does not age and stay trendy forever. I focus  on original and unique design of coats and accessories in my work, where as the primary material dominates the previously mentioned real leather and fur produced in various colors, surface treatment and the possible printing. All models are solitary, leathers are custom hand-made​​, dyed and treated.